MILO encourages a new generation to ‘Mix It Up’ in latest campaign via Ogilvy Sydney


A new generation of MILO lovers throw caution to the wind, make their own ritual and put their own spin on the ‘perfect MILO’ by mixing it up in a new campaign via Ogilvy Sydney.


Featuring the world’s largest, hot tub of MILO (world-record pending[1]), the new Mix It Up campaign aims to refamiliarise teens and young adults with MILO, while also introducing them to MILO PRO, a new protein product.

Now live the campaign will be seen across digital platforms, social (including TikTok), and OOH.

Ogilvy Sydney group creative director Andrew Hankin said Mix It Up would provide a sustained and enduring campaign idea showing MILO in a different light – as not just a drink, but as a vehicle for people to express their personal tastes: “Whether it’s how you have it, or a special ritual, the individual ways of having MILO is something most MILO lovers feel fiercely passionate about. So we created a campaign that celebrates that individualism and champions those that are adventurous and like to mix it up,  particularly because we know teens are ‘remixers’ at heart, preferring products they can customise to express their personal tastes.   We’re looking forward to a new generation of mixers making MILO their own.”

MILO encourages a new generation to ‘Mix It Up’ in latest campaign via Ogilvy Sydney

Ogilvy worked closely with Nestlé and UM to develop the audience strategy, campaign execution and campaign assets.

Says Rebecca Dobbins, general manager of dairy, Nestlé: “While MILO has been loved by Aussies for over 80 years, we wanted to take this opportunity to re-engage with the teen audience, with a platform bespoke to them.  Mix it Up is a new creative platform that doesn’t just celebrate the different ways we all like to have our MILO, it’s an idea that celebrates our individual tastes.  From being being splashed around the kitchen with a power tool or being mixed up in a hot tub, we’re excited about where this platform takes MILO next.”

Client: Nestlé
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Media: UM
Production company: The Barbershop
Director: Toby Morris

[1] Unofficially the world’s largest hot tub of MILO only.  No official claim for a World Record has been made – yet.