The Producers presents ‘Cannes I Ask You a Question?’ feat. Thinkerbell ECD Tom Wenborn

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Australian production company The Producers are on the ground in Cannes. Here, they present “Cannes I ask you a question?” ~ a short interview series, exclusively for Campaign Brief.


Day 1:

If you’ve ever trekked the 27 hours from Australia to Cannes before you’ll know the pleasure and pain of waking there on that very first day.

The pleasure.. “Oh my god! I’m in Cannes!!”
The pain… “Holy snapping duck $h%¥ it’s 3am and I’m wide awake….?!”

This week our Campaign Brief Cannes diary will be brought to you live from Cannes with…
“Cannes I ask you a question?” Where we ask creatives on the ground in Cannes the tough questions you really want to know…

Like, is The Gutter bar at 2am ever really a good idea?
And where do you stand on putting ice in your Rose? You know. Just the big stuff?
Along with some lighter info like tips for getting your hands on some of that sweet, sweet Lion metal… And what’s some of the good stuff being seen in the judging rooms… (Beyond the ribbon sandwiches and pastries)

Today’s interviewee is:
Tom Wenborn, executive creative director, Thinkerbell