Rollerblading cowboys and bowling alley move-busters star in Avalon Brewery’s new campaign ‘Beer O’Clock’ ~ directed by Thibault Upton


Avalon Brewery has launched a new campaign that transports viewers into a world of rollerblading cowboys and bowling alley move-busters. These vibrant and talented individuals embody the inclusive and welcoming culture that Avalon Brewery aims to create.


“Beer O’Clock” is a simple call to all friends to enjoy a great beer, brewed in and inspired by a beautiful part of the world.

According to Brad Jacobson, the visionary founder of Avalon Brewery, their clientele has always been a captivating ensemble of characters. Avalon Brewert proudly sponsors a local soccer team that has endured a season of defeats, as well as an elderly swimming club. It was vital for Avalon to celebrate the unique personality of its beer while expressing its unwavering love for the local area and the forward-thinking culture it embraces. These elements were essential to crafting an authentic brand film for its grand launch

Thibault Upton, the writer, director and editor behind the scenes, brought #AI into play in two fascinating ways that perfectly complemented their creative vision. They ingeniously incorporated AI-generated stock objects for mind-bending visual effects, and AI-powered voice-overs to infuse the film with an otherworldly touch. While the limitations of voice synthesis technology still exist, the use of multiple AI generators created a mesmerizing symphony of voices, akin to a masterful musical score unfolding in real time.

Says Anna Fawcett, executive producer of Filmgraphics: “David and I always find it rewarding  to work with talented young directors, Thibault had a blank page and created something memorable.”

Client: Avalon Brewery 
Brad Jacobson: Founder
Writer, Director & Editor: Thibault Upton
Creative Director: Paul Sharp
Production Company: Filmgraphics
Executive Producer: Anna Fawcett 
DOP: Joel Egan 
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Online: Tim Eddy
Additional VFX:
Music: Yarin Primak